Over the past few decades, plenty of politicians and scientists have warned us about upcoming global warming, that if not prevented will have catastrophic consequences for the people and the entire world. According to them, higher presence of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere will lead to global warming that will affect the safety of each living being. That’s why at the last summit called COP26, more than a hundred countries obligated themselves to take action to prevent these scenarios.

But not all scientists think the same. According to Dan Lubin and Valentina Zhrakova, the Sun’s Solar minimum, which began in 2020, starts to lead Europe into the Mini Ice-Age that will last until 2050. The Solar Minimum is a part of the Sun’s 11-years cycle where the Sun changes its intensity. 

What does that mean? 

During the Solar Maximum, the Sun emits a big amount of radiation and we live in a warm period. When the Solar Minimum approaches, the Sun functions in a way that emits less amount of radiation so global temperature of Earth cools – which leads to the more rainy season and colder period of time. This is the normal process that changes every 11 years. But this time Valentina and Dan claim it will be the ”Solar Grand Minimum”

Characteristics of the Solar Grand Minimum (SGM) are extreme changes in temperature that will cause a Mini Ice-Age as the Sun will go into hibernation, which will make a temperature lower than usual. Approximately, the Solar Grand Minimum repeats every 400 Years. Last time the Earth faced a Mini Ice-Age was during 1645 to 1715. In general, switching from a warm period to Ice-Age and reverse are normal periods of Earth climate cycles that repeat for millions of years. The Big Ice-Age occurs every 10.000 years and it lasts much longer than the Earth warm period in which we live now.

Is there any proof of an upcoming Ice-Age besides the Sun’s 11-years cycle? Well, 45cm of snow in the Texas desert; The Alps buried in 1.82 meters of snow; Austria also faces 1 meter of snow and Spain that with heavy snowfall can be one of the first signs on the road. 

If those theories come true, how will we live? What do we need to know?

Food shortage combined with political manipulation


Main problem that can happen in this situation is food shortage. As the weather will become unstable and colder the fruits and vegetables will not have enough time to develop, which will lead to food shortage and global hunger. Animals will also face food shortages and high  decreases in their populations. Lower population of animals do not make our life easier as that means less food for us also.

What can we do about it?

First of all, forget about life in big cities. If you live in a big city you should consider buying a house in the backcountry. Maintaining food in villages will be drastically harder as weather conditions will be difficult, but it will be possible! On the other hand, food in cities will be limited and not available for everyone. Moving to the backcountry is a wise decision in a situation like this. Maybe production of food will be tough, but it will be possible and you will be sure that you will have some amount of food. 

What you can’t allow yourself and your family to do is to stay dependent on a government to take care of you during the Ice-Age period. There are few reasons for this. First, there will not be enough food for everyone as I said. Secondly, food will probably be shared by priority. Third, life is a brutal game and there’s no justice in it. Meaning that politicians and powerful multinational organizations can use global hunger for their political and financial purposes.

Political parties have a lot of money and can buy food to share first to their voters. Or they simply can share food to those areas in a country where the majority of their voters live. Governments can also implement food rationing passports that will be used to control usage of food by each individual. Food that is in stock will be equally distributed by each citizen. But the problem is that no one will have enough food to survive as governments will not have enough food for millions of people.

If we also look into world’s history, we can see that from the beginning of modern civilization, politics was involved in everything and those who have the most power get resources first. Following this logic, countries such as America and Europe will get their food reserves first. While other countries will share limited resources of food.

The politicians are hungry for power more than for food – even in potential shortages like this. Politicians could even keep the food the planet produces as its unfortunately good opportunity to control population. As when people do not have food, they will be forced to accept or agree with some political decision that are not in their best interests. 

Food shortage is also a good business opportunity. 

Big international companies that produce genetically modified food can make their propaganda in place to replace natural development of food with artificial. This could also lead to a problem as then they become one of the most powerful people in the world. Who controls the food controls the population. Big international companies can pressure the government officials to implement the laws that will allow them to replace organic development of the food with artificial in the name of the safety and well being of the whole population. As the planet does not produce enough food for everyone, fabric is now a good place to feed the population. 

That’s why the more assets like properties and lands we have – the more independent we are.

Examples mentioned above are good reasons why you should take your life in your hands and rely just on yourself. If you do the opposite, you risk putting yourself and your family in a dangerous situation with a possible food shortage.

House in the backcountry will provide you with as much food as possible. Ideally, if you find a place to live near the forests, you can also have trees for heating and a place where you can go and hunt the animals. 

Sounds extreme? Yes! But remember that in situations where a mini ice-age threatens us, the best we could do is to prepare for the worst but hope for the best.


Impact on our health 

Besides food and water, Sunlight is essential for our health. Infrared rays, which are the positive spectrum of Sunlight are crucial for our overall body regeneration. The vibration of infrared rays is 99.9% the same as the vibration of our cells. That’s why Sunlight has such a positive impact on our health.

When our cells are out of balance it means that their vibration also changes. When the vibration of our cells changes they start to work improperly, which later on leads to improper work of body organs and at the end comes to an illness. Because of that the more we are exposed to infrared rays, the better for us. Infrared rays will bring back cells into their original vibration level and with it back our body into balance and heal us from illnesses. 

Sunlight is also essential for our mental health as it positively affects our nervous system, too. Infrared rays promote secretion of Dopamine and Serotonin inside our body. Those two chemicals are called hormones of happiness. These chemicals are natural cures as they also help our body to regenerate itself. When we fall in love, our body produces high amounts of Dopamine and Serotonin and that’s why we feel so happy and healthy when we fall in love. 

What can we do to get more infrared rays when there’s not enough sunlight for a decade to come? 

Today it is scientifically proven that Jade, a natural stone – emits infrared rays when it’s heated above 30 degree Celsius. As our body emits heat of 35 degree Celsius, even the jewelry with Jade stone  will start to emit certain amounts of infrared rays when we wear it above our neck and hands. 

On the market currently there are a lot of devices that with support of electric energy heat Jade stone and emit high levels of infrared rays; A Jade heating mattress that will supply you with infrared rays during your sleep; Jade mattress that will supply you with infrared heat under your feet while you simply walk through the house. And at the end, infrared heating massagers and infrared home saunas that can be used daily to improve your overall health. 

Oh my God, where can I go on a Summer Vacation?

 Well, nowhere after the snow starts and Mini Ice-Age comes to an end. 

Or will there be a place? Well, on Mercury it’s way hotter than we want to, plus there’s no body cream so powerful to protect you against the negative spectrum of Sunlight. On the other hand, the oceans to swim in are too hot and volcanic. 

Maybe hotels and other companies down there on Earth can offer us an artificial environment where you can go swimming and relax yourself. Something like a sauna space or swimming pool area, but much bigger with artificial beaches and palms.

On the other hand, I’m sure that companies like Microsoft and Meta will offer you a virtual experience for your summer vacation. In the virtual world, you can visit a Pre Ice-Age world and enjoy South Americas or South Asia’s beaches before the Grand Solar Minimum ends. 

What works to our advantage that people during 17st century didn’t have is technology that will help us to drastically overcome these three cold decades.

What happened to the well-known global warming? 

Theory about global warming is just an assumption based on scientific information like this theory about a mini ice age that potentially may come. But it’s no more than that – an assumption based on current scientific information that could be wrong. Or let’s even say that the idea about global warming is actually an intentionally implemented agenda for nothing more than political purposes striving to control the countries, economies, natural resources and population all over the world. 

How’s that possible? 

Actually, it’s not proven that carbon dioxide causes global warming. That is just a “fact” to serve as a logical reason to take certain rules and laws that otherwise no one will accept. Put it in different words, the negative impact of carbon dioxide is just a mask of the wolf wanting to go among the ships and protect them from climate changes.  

Just for a moment change the perspective of view. If we assume that carbon dioxide doesn’t negatively affect the Earth’s climate, rules about limiting carbon emission in every aspect of our life and rules like limiting travel of common people, special  carbon taxes for the companies and controlling all resources of Earth start to show the real purpose doesn’t make any sense but to serve as excuse for more political control.

Thousands of scientists claim that there’s no global warming, yet a set of rules and laws are implemented to protect us from something that is not even happening. 

Electric cars are a perfect example of this global hoax. 

Electric cars don’t emit carbon dioxide during a ride, but manufacturers companies make it during the production process. Actually, production of electric cars emits much more carbon dioxide than cars will emit during their lifetime. Is that me claiming this? No, actually scientists that promote those measures against carbon dioxide admit it. They just promise to us that future technology will be sophisticated enough to solve this problem. Should we believe them? 

On the other hand, the truth is that more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is better. Plants use carbon dioxide for photosynthesis, giving us oxygen, and we give them back the carbon dioxide. In this way plants developed better, animals and people developed better and this represents the perfect circle of Earth’s ecosystem. If this is true it means that if we limit the presence of carbon dioxide it means that living beings will be in danger as they will not have enough oxygen to survive and stay healthy. Yes, but why someone wants to do this is a long story for some other blog.

Turn off the internet and television, go for a walk!

Why do I like the approaches of scientists that promote the mini ice age? Because there’s no politics, there’s no rules and laws in place to “protect us”. But will I like that Mini Ice-Age happened? Of course not! 

However, climate change is a real process of Earth’s climate cycles and we can’t change it so much. So maybe it will be best for us to put the theory aside, turn off the television and enjoy each new day in the world as it is! 

Wish you a lot of luck through unpredictable climate change, 

Your Environment magazine.

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