There are many reasons why you would want to change your energy supplier. One of them for sure can be the energy crisis that is on the way, and maybe changing your supplier can bring you a better offer and more money to save. When crises occur, our priority changes. 

And that’s the second reason why you would want to change your energy supplier. Depending on the priority that you have, there is the energy supplier that fits better with it than others. 

Here, we will represent a “first class” energy supplier that will make your life easier and your expenses lower. 

Additionally, you can get direct advice from energy suppliers consultants right after you finish reading this blog, or now if you find research complicated to do on your own. The company will do a comparation for you so you don’t need to worry about anything. 

However, this “first class” energy supplier in 2022 are one that can serve you the best by our opinion. You can always search on your own, and find the best that fits you.

Outfox Energy

If the monthly spending is the most important thing for you, then you should reconsider switching to Outfox Energy if you already do not have a contract with them. For most householders, this company is one of the cheapest options with most competitive rates for its service. 

Back when Outfox Energy was just introduced, they charged electricity and fuel fees so low that they claim they sell it for a wholesale price. However, during this time, they start to charge a membership fee depending on your spending profile ( low, medium and high ). 

This was not accepted very well among the clients and Outfox Energy lost its favour in the market. Thus, Outfox Energy changed its approach and now represents one of the most trusted companies by customer rating so as here in our list of best energy companies.

Today, they offer the lowest price for 100% renewable – green energy. Why is this good for you? As the electricity crisis comes, and gas prices in Europe go up, the energy market becomes unstable. The main resource of electricity production is natural gas. But, with Outfox Energy, you will not have that problem, as they already use renewable resources to make energy. In other words, they are already ready for the crisis as they are prepared for the next step in the energy industry using just clean energy.  

One of the most requested options from Outfox is “CLEAN E PLAN”. With these options, you will have a fully equipped home with green energy with one of the lowest prices in the United Kingdom. 

With “CLEAN E PLAN” you will get a set of fixed tariffs for the 12 months which make this plan very attractive as its stable and affordable. 

If you want to find out a little more about the company’s approach, you can visit their blog page or directly get your energy and get a quote.

Octopus Energy

If one of your priorities is to use green energy and help the planet, or you simply wanna to go with the flow of the time and use green energy as there’s a lot of financial benefits from it, you can maybe consider Octopus Energy. 

Octopus Energy gives your house a renewable source of energy at the most affordable price. Actually, not just for your home, but for business too. 

As a business owner, you should consider this, as there are plenty of benefits for a business that support green energy politics. In this way, you can save more with your expenses and gain higher revenue.

Today, a lot of people find email service old-fashioned and inconvenient, that’s why Octopus Energy sends you your bill straight to your social network, any time that suits you, seven days in a week. But, of course, they have an email option for us that still use it. 

Even better, this company doesn’t lock you inside a contract, so you can sleep well knowing when the moment comes that you want to change your supplier, you can do that very easily without extra cost or problems. 

Also, if you are fan of greener driving, Octopus Energy brings you a special offer for electric car drivers

All of these benefits are good reasons to consider Octopus as your next energy supplier partner. 

The Utility Warehouse

The Utility Warehouse is one of the most trusted energy suppliers by customer rating. Their unique approach that bound all your home services like your energy, broadband, landline, mobile and insurance into one bill will make your life easier and you will not need to care about anything else. No need to spend the time by looking into different bills or different processes of payments.

All your expenses you will have in one piece of paper. Sounds good, right? 

Having one bill for all your household bills isn’t any advantage of this company. With Utility Warehouse you can earn money, too. 

By becoming a partner with Utility Warehouse, you can start to gain revenue. It can be a source of extra cash or a serious source of income, if you commit yourself. 

There’s two options on how you can earn money. First is when you bring a new client, you will earn from £250-300, depending on how many services the householder switches to Utility Warehouse. And if you do business well, it can even come to £400 if new client’s switch all of their home services to Utility Warehouse. 

Also, you can earn a percentage from the customer’s bill that you bring into the Utility Warehouse. This is a slower way that will not bring you tons of money immediately, but through time it can be stable and profitable income. 

Northern Gas and Power 

If you are a business owner, Northern Gas and Power can be your deal. NGP will give you the best offer based on your business needs which will help you to work more efficiently, save more money and naturally, make higher profits. Keep in mind that Northern Gas and Power is not an energy supplier company. They are an energy consultancy company that can help you to choose the best energy supplier for your business based on your needs.  Especially in the time when everything changes in the energy industry. 

The energy industry will go through changes that will be bigger than in the past century. Switching to greener energy gives the business a lot of financial benefits and makes their company look good in the customers’ eyes. But on the other hand, switching to green energy and following each situation isn’t easy. 

That’s why Northern Gas and Power is here. With their expertise, technology and innovation, they will help you to transform your energy to greener, stay there and make money from it! 

Northern Gas and Power are the “first class” energy consultancy when it comes to businesses. 


There are a lot of other excellent energy supplier companies based on different criteria. There are “first class” energy suppliers for everyone. It’s important to know where you are and where you want to be. What is your priority and what you want to achieve will help you to choose the best option for you. Most of them have even a similar price, as lowest as possible so other specifics like company profile, their stability and customer service is what you need to think about. 

Do they use green energy only? Will they survive the energy crisis? Can you leave the company at any time without exit fees? These are things I will think about if I want an energy supplier for my home or business. 

This was my choice of “first class” energy suppliers. If you want to do research by yourself, here is the full list of UK energy suppliers voted by customer satisfaction. And if you are still confused and need advice, contact your energy consultant

Wishing you a beautiful, greener and cheaper year!

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